11 Nov 2016

Back to Brunette + Tips for Colouring @ Home

So, as much as I love being blonde or having light brown hair, 
it is literally killing my scalp. I get horrible welts all over my scalp
that tend to bleed. It gets so painful that I have to douse my head 
in full cream milk to soothe and heal it.

I noticed that my readers are 
loving my reviews on hair colouring,
and seeing my mishaps 
as well as success stories. Loads of you
are probably nervous 
trying a whole new colouring product or just
trying to do anything d
rastic to your hair. 

My advice on this is to have someone help y
ou, even if it's your
partner. It helps to have someone to go over t
he back of your
head to make sure everything is even and covered. Another 
important tip, would be to check the amount of dye given in your 
box/mix. Some have more than others, where some of the more
expensive brands may have less to spread through your hair. 

If you have thick or long hair, I highly recommend doubling up
the product. That way you won't get to the end of your bottle 
and still have the ends of your hair to cover. It's a common 
mistake that I'm sure loads of people make, but will save 
you a trip back to the store to fix your colour.

For me, I want to stick as close to my natural hair colour 
as I can,
which is a deep dark brown colour almost black. 
If you find yourself
using a darker colour, be aware of any droplets that 
fall onto your
skin or clothes. They will darken up anything they touch or stay
if you do not wipe it off with a damp towel. If you find that your skin
marks from the dye, don't worry.

The best method I have found is using
a damp towel and dipping
it in ash (gross but effective), then gently rubbing it 
on the areas you
want cleaned. If you don't have ash, I would recommend 

mi-cellar water instead (not as effective). 

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