2 Jul 2019

Review: Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette (Bling Boss)

                This beauty is the first Morphe Palette I've ever bought and now 
                reviewed. I've heard mixed reviews on their brand as a whole, but I 
                wanted to try this palette out and come to my own conclusion. The first 
                thing I noticed when I opened the box is some bubble wrap protecting 
                the eyeshadow palette inside. This is the only palette I've bought that 
                had this protective feature which I really appreciate.

            The packaging in clean and simple. Making it even more affordable
            and appealing to newbies trying out Morphe products. Despite it's
            super affordable price it has a decent sized mirror, and the matte
            silver packaging makes the ten shades inside pop even more.

            There are four matte shades, four shimmer shades and two foiled 
            shades. As for blending, the shimmer and foiled shades blend beautifully. 
            Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for some of the matte shades like 
            'Rockstar'. As you can see from my swatches, it went on chunky and 
            took 8 swatches to get to the point you see in the photo! It's such a 
            pretty shade but the formula seems so different from the others. 
            However, I'd say my favorite shades are 'Gem', 'Ballsy' and 
            'Berry Treasure'.

Amazing pigment; Gem blended out very well
You can see where 'Rockstar' was not blending out

            Would I recommend this eyeshadow palette?

            I would for those on a budget who want some glam in their life, 
            and with patience when it comes to carefully blending out a couple 
            difficult shades.

2 Sep 2018

Review: Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette

At first I had my sights set on the popular Sweet Peach palette which at one point
was extremely hard (as well as pricey) to get when I was previously based in Australia. 
Having left a lot of my makeup collection behind I wanted to build it back up with the
most versatile colors.

The palette features 12 shades that go seamlessly with one another. From an almost
pure white to an almost charcoal black. Each eyeshadow is so easy to blend and has
more intense color than you would guess. The only negatives I found was some fall out
when applied, and the shade 'Chocolate Dipped' was hard to blend out as you can see 

from my swatch.

My Favorite Colour Combo:

Peach Tea, Fresh Picked and Just Ripe

Does it really smell like peaches? YES. It doesn’t kind of smell like them. In fact, it literally
smells like a fresh peach that you have taken a bite out of, or even a freshly baked dessert.
Too Faced Cosmetics has taken their talent for adding scents to each of these beautiful matte
eyeshadows and nailed it. 

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