Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lululemon Athletica Clothing Haul

I recently got a bunch of new clothes from Lululemon Athletica. Some of
you will probably be unfamiliar with the brand,which in its last year earned
between 2 and 2.4 Billion dollars in revenue worldwide. They have just
recently tapped in to social media advertising and are pushing their brand
more. Hard to believe based on their previous earnings. Especially given
most sales were inspired by word-of-mouth or brand ambassadors in the
fitness community.

The quality of their clothing is amazing, and they have a great policies in
place if your item's quality is not up to par (such as: piling, running seams,
broken zipper, ect). These are a few of the reasons on why I highly
recommend their clothing/sportswear.

The first item I picked up I *believe* is the...

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt.
I wanted something loose fitting
and fresh looking for winter. This shirt is perfect for 
layering with tank tops or
sports bras. It is very sheer as you can see in the close-up.
I love the little lace
pattern on the sides near the sheer portion of the shirt. It adds a 
bit of femininity
to the shirt itself.Thumb holes are handy for keeping your hands warm 
adding functionality.

Lululemon Yogini 5 Year Long Sleeve Striped Tee has to become
my current favourite shirt. It is incredibly soft and stretchy. Another
good shirt for layering underneath as it is fairly sheer, but if you wear
a nude bra you could probably get away with not wearing one. 


Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise (Full Luon) is something one of favourite
pieces from 
Lululemon.  Luon is Lululemon's signature four-way stretch
fabric is sweat-wicking and cottony soft with 
performance fabric for its
serious stretch and recovery. It's so comfortable and quite breathable.

Scuba Hoodie Terry III in Heathered Space Dye has become my new
favourite light zip hoodie. Normally, I don't get heaps of grey clothing, but
this jacket goes with almost any colour. It's very soft as well as light weight.

Goose Down Hooded Vest  (I didn't catch the name on this one)
This is such a unique piece, and best of all it is reversible! The 
outside is a deep green with a scale pattern which is emphasised
by light, while the inside is in black. It hangs loosely on my frame
and is so comfortable to wear with many layers on. 

The sides of this jacket have two buttons on each side that detach, making this a very expensive poncho :)

Large zip pockets on the inside that can hold almost any mobile phone

Love the brand badges that are always put somewhere visibly on the clothing

Even buttons have Lululemon on them

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Making My Own Pressed Glitter Palette

I'm sure many of you are familiar with pressed glitter palettes 
and single pans. If you're in the beauty community and you love 
DIY projects this is a must for you! I have read several different
methods of making your own Pressed Glitters

To be clear this is the how I made my pressed glitters, and I don't 

consider this a tutorial. I am simply documenting my first experience
making them. 

I had ordered a mixing tray and batch of isopropyl alcohol for this DIY,
it was lost in the mail during my move/change of address. 

Therefore, I had to improvise on a couple things.

As you can see I'm using cupcake wrappers instead of a mixing tray
mix the glitter together to make the specific colour that I want. I
my palette, empty pans, mixing bowl, syringe (no needle
Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Assorted glitter, tooth picks
and a Citrus note based Perfume 
(80% Alcohol). 

I mixed the Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and 80% Alcohol together by
using the 
syringe to suck it up and plunge it repeatedly until the solution
is a cloudy colour.

These are the three colours I used to make 'Unicorn Horn'

Colour combination: Matte white, Shimmery white and baby
pink iridescent sparkle. I ended up adding a larger amount 
than pictured, but it was easy to mix together with enough
of the solution (I filled the pan with solution before hand). 

I filled the syringe pretty much around the '1' mark but I added a
few drops 
while mixing if the glitter seemed a bit clumpy/dry. I put 
the pans in the palette, and the palette went into the refrigerator
for 24 hours

Here are the results

Here are all the finished pans inside the palette. After fully drying they are even more
vibrant than in the single pan photos above. Swatches on the right were done after the
24 hour drying period.

I was very pleased with the results. It is much easier than I originally thought
it would be. 
The biggest issue you might have is the glittery mess that is left
over. If you intend to try this, I would highly recommend that you wait the
24 hours for your pressed glitters to fully dry. Some of mine dried quicker
and some were still moist. Either way, I am glad to have to have successfully
my own palette.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Moving Tips

Everyone does this at least once in their lives, and that is moving house.
It's expensive as well as extremely time consuming. In my life, so far I have
moved a grand total of 18 times. That number may seem staggering 
to most,
and it is. The one benefit of moving this many times is all the little 
tips and
tricks I have picked up through each move. 

Even the smallest things 
can really help you when you are short of time and energy.
Energy that I am just now recouping after our stressful move. Not only did things go
terribly wrong in the middle of this move, but it was storming 
as well. Some of our
things were stolen during the first day. On the second day there was a gas leak
near our new place; causing the roads to be closed to the area. This of course
caused us to stay an extra night at our old house. This was definitely one of the
hardest moves I've ever done. I will lost a few tips below that have helped me get


  1. Always pre-plan what to pack first
  2. Get heaps of boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap 
  3. What items you are not currently using? Pack them first
  4. Hire movers for larger items to minimise chance of injury
  5. When one room is finished move items/boxes to one area
    so you can clean as you go
  6. Schedule Utilities to be turned on at your new house before
    you arrive (up to 2 weeks ahead of the move)
  7.  Write labels legibly for each box with a brief 
  8. description of what is inside
  9. Have a one day buffer to move in case something comes up
  10. Keep a suitcase or gym bag with clothes/items you will need for
    the next 1-3 days while you're moving
  11. Stay positive and don't let the stress of moving get to you

 These are all things I have found to be helpful. I hope this will help
those of you who have not moved before put together a plan on 
where to start. It is so important to stay organised! If you have any
questions or have a story about your move that you would like to share 
please comment below. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

Makeup Journey of a soon-to-be MUA

If you've been following my content from the very beginning
you would've probably heard me mentioning wanting to study
to become a professional MUA (Make Up Artist). It wasn't a crazy
spur-of-the-moment decision, or anything like that. I've been 
looking into doing this for about three years, and I still have the
same passion I did in the beginning. 

In one of my very first videos, I briefly discuss my early experiences
with makeup. 
Growing up in an abusive home environment, and not
knowing how truly wrong it was. It isn't easy for me to discuss,
but I want to help someone who may be going through what I did.
To have it 
make such an impact on you and your aspirations so much
so that you 
give up on it. 

Whenever I would experiment with makeup; My 
then step-father
would get so mad he demanded I remove my 
any makeup and say
I looked like a 'whore'. My mother would 
sit there stone-faced next
to him, even when it made me cry. 
This happened from age thirteen 
on-wards to the point that I never wore makeup in front of him.

I wasn't wearing any crazy colours, and I didn't cake anything
on. I had on pink lipstick, and some shimmery silver eye shadow.
I didn't know how to do makeup yet, and my mother never tried

to teach me. She had mountains of beauty products, but was pretty
basic when it came to applying makeup. She has expensive 
and would get angry if I touched her products. I don't think I'll
ever truly understand her, or their combined treatment of me.

So, I stopped 
wearing makeup, for years until the end of year 12
 (Senior year). Even then 
I only wore tinted lip balm, and liquid
eyeliner (if I had time to 
do so in the morning). This was ages ago,
 literally right before 
Youtube was around. So I couldn't find makeup
tutorials, or how-to-style videos. These girls are doing so many women
of all ages a service, and I am forever grateful to the many I follow. 

This is where I want to take the next step. It no longer makes me 
sad/upset when I think of makeup. Not only have I come so far in my 
makeup skills, but I am also confident I can do this with flying colours. 

If you are going through anything like this, and need someone to
talk to feel free to email me. You're not alone.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Great Ocean Road/ Ballarat Wild Life Road Trip Vlog

I am very happy to be putting this video out finally. It was 
filmed a few months back, but my laptop crashed so I lost
all my files. 
If you have trouble recovering your files from a
dead drive or 
it is asking you to initialize (wipe); there is a
really helpful 
program to make the process almost painless.

I will not list said program in this blog, but if you are in need
of it I will 
reply in the comment section for those who ask.

I hope you enjoy my first travel vlog! It shows some of the 
hidden gems Australia has to offer. As well as some of the 
native wild life, that you can see close-up.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Is it safe to buy 'Fake Makeup' from overseas?

This is a question that I'm sure you have asked yourself when
comparing the price difference between the real and 'fake'
makeup that will come up on online shops such as Ebay.
Suddenly, an eyeshadow palette that would normally cost
around $80 AUD ($50 USD) can be compared to a fake
eyeshadow palette that seems to look the same or close 

for around $6-$12 AUD ($3-$8 USD)

We assume that the formulas and colours will be close and 
that actual effort would be put into making these safe for 
us to use. While you may find the occasional decent product,
the truth is there is no quality control for where these products
are manufactured and/or packaged.

According to other blogs/news sites (such as
& these products allegedly can contain anything
from traces of rat feces to household 
cleaning products. Some
can even be tainted my cyanide. 
Needless to say the so-called
'quality' is a big question mark, 
and you are taking a gamble on
your health by using them.

Over this last year I have tried many different products that 
have come from places like China (the world capital for fakes),
Philippines and Singapore. For me, it is absolutely
worth the 'peace-of-mind' to pay the 
full amount for an authentic
product. I want to be able to trust 
what I am putting on my body
thoroughly tested as well as safe 
to use. 

Not only is it important that it be tested, but not tested 
on any
helpless animals! This is a practice that really needs to 
eliminated from the cosmetic industry, and hopefully worldwide 
one day. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope this post helps you. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Holy Grail Men's Products

If you have a boyfriend or husband that is picky and not as 
experienced in trying different products until finding one that works.
I have put together a list of products that are definite hits and simple
reviews that go with each one. Each of these product's are affordable
and easy to find online. These are products have been personally tested
by my partner, and I trust in buying them on a reoccurring basis.

1. Calvin Klein - Euphoria 

for Men Eau de Toilette

This is one the best smelling Colognes and can be used everyday. This is probably the most appealing cologne I've ever had the pleasure of smelling on my man. The best part is it is priced under $60 (AUD) or $45 USD 
in most places online.

Diesel Only The Brave by Diesel 

for Men Eau de Toilette Spray

My husband was really surprised at how great this scent not only smelled appealing but had long-lasting wear. You can find it online for under $70 (AUD) or $50 USD.

3.  Nivea Men Moisturising Shave Gel

If your guy is a bit lazy when it comes to moisturising after shaving or just in general. This product is great at reducing nicks and soothing sensitive skin.Nivea is a brand I personally trust, having used their products for years without any noticeable issues. 

5.  PhysioGel Hypoallergenic 

Daily Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream

I received this product in a beauty box about 6 months ago. It is for sensitive skin and I have heaps of moisturisers, so I had my husband try 
it out for me. This was an actual product test, that he did for my blog. 

His skin type is mostly oily with a one dry area, and his skin is even more sensitive than mine. If he uses any product that has an oil base it will cause him to break out dramatically. I'm always on the lookout for holy grail products that can 
help even out his complexion and any skin irritation. 

After a couple of weeks of incorporating this product into his daily routine he told me he immediately felt a difference in his skin. He reported that his skin stayed moisturised all day and that PhysioGel didn't irritate his skin at all.

What I noticed was his complexion became more even after about one week 
of using it daily. This is a holy grail men's product for sensitive skin dry or oily (despite what the label says). 

I really hope this helps someone who is in need of a reliable product 
that their partner simply has no time or patience to figure out. 

All images of products used are from Ebay

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