20 Oct 2015

REVIEW: L'Oréal Glam Lights #3 Light Brown to Dark Blonde w/ B&A

This was actually pretty exciting for me to try out. Going 'Bronde'
has become a trend in late 2015, and the ad campaigns are quite

My colour had been looking quite flat lately, and my roots obviously grown out. I wasn't sure which direction to go with my hair until I saw this trend, which doesn't aim to be perfect. I picked the Light Brown to Dark Blonde which was still a bit light compared to my natural colour. 

So application can take Forever
I highly recommend you don't leave globs of this creme in, yet don't rub a huge amount of it in one spot either. Take your index finger and thumb; pinch a good amount between your fingers. Spread your hair out and comb lightly down from root to tip 1-2 times with the brush provided. I did this a bit too slowly throughout the layers of my hair and did not clip it up so the dye would not clump leaving a big bleach spot. 

I put a bit too much on the hair framing my face first, which is not a good 
idea unless you want it to be brighter then the rest of your hair! This 
developer formula is quite strong, so keep a close eye on the time. 

Even for thick hair like mine, I usually 
double the time but this was 
developed a bit more than I would have liked. After rinsing my hair 
I used a generic blonde toner to get the copper colour out of my hair. 
I had to reapply it after, because it didn't develop enough the first time
 (cheap).So after washing, toning, conditioning my hair 2 times. I used 
my Babyliss ionic blow dryer to dry my hair enough to see the results.

Click Image To Enlarge

There were a few spots where it developed faster than others, and 
I actually
don't mind them. My hubby loves my hair, and I am enjoying the change. It took me probably 1 1/2 hours to do this. I have really thick hair and there was more than enough to blend through my hair (maybe a bit too much!). 

13 Oct 2015

Planning Trip/Victoria's Secret Comparison

I am so into spring, but am sadly in need to update my wardrobe
with some more colour. Before the little road trip on Thursday
I need to pick up a few things from my local plaza :) I plan on
grabbing a new swimsuit, thongs, and some really cute sunny's.
The issue I had last time was my old swimsuits had some malfunctions
like the 'boobs-keep-popping-out-when-the-waves-come' syndrome.
That makes it super hard to not be self conscious while swimming,
and riding the waves. Honestly, I am so excited to head back to
this location, that is near and dear to my heart.

Also, I want to grab a good moisturizer that has a decent amount of

sunblock in it. It would be nice to find one that does cake on when
it isn't spread properly leaving noticeable chunks or caked areas.
I have been working on some casual-light makeup looks for sports
activities (such as hiking, climbing, ect.). For this I will be
cutting out foundation, because I would sweat it off and it will
clog my pores. I will be keeping eye liner, tinted lip gloss,
(most likely) tinted/sunblock moisturizer, and some medium bronzer.

Next, yesterday I received my package from America finally.

I was expecting it last Thursday/Friday, but its quite
difficult to track a package internationally. Once a package
enters Australia the information is transferred to Auspost or
a selected Courier, and I will say that the information was
slow to transfer. I bought all new Victoria's Secret panties,
and took advantage of their Aus shipping discount which I will
link the code and site below. Usually shipping is extremely
expensive 30-40 depending on how much you order after that.
It deters you from wanting to buy one or two items, shipping
will cost almost as much as a regular item. So I can see the draw
of using eBay for finding VS products, but they are heavily
marked up! I will be ordering a bulk order of bra's soon, and
because I've owned these styles in the past I trust their fit.

If you haven't been the the Victoria's Secret in the Emporium

in Melbourne CBD, I would say to think twice. Why? Their prices
are completely inflated. I paid $33 for a 200ml lotion! and $35
for a body spray! In the US they are $12-$15 each. However, they
have the most amazing sunny's at $100 each (wow). Check out the
code and link below if you want discounted shipping too.

Victoria's Secret - Code: AUSSIE10  (expires end of Oct)

Another note: If you life in Australia, feel free to enter my Giveaway HERE.

8 Oct 2015

CMM's Beauty Giveaway!!! OPEN

NOTE: Your entries will NOT be counted in the giveaway until 

you complete the first 3 entries (Subscribe,Twitter, and Comment). 

So if you haven't completed the other 2 entries hurry before the 
giveaway is over!

Giveaway embeded code a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rafflecopter Linkhttp://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/2046b7fe1/?

Giveaway Package Contents:

- Masquerade Mask
- Revlon Fantasy Lengths - Flirty Lashes
- Priya Body Bar Goat Milk Soap
- Hikari (zoe) Quad Palette
- Gelogic No UV needed Nail Gel
- Sleek Eye Dust - Hypnotic
- Savvy Foundation Brush
-Must be 16 (w/ permission) or older to enter
- Must be an Australian Resident
-Additional information in Rafflecopter link

Give away ends 23/11/15 (Midnight)

Giveaway Prizes

7 Oct 2015

BellaBox Review September 2015 & Special Announcement

This review will be a bit different, tell me what you think :) There will
also be a special announcement tomorrow
. I will post it on my YouTube
channel, Twitter, and this blog. Thanks for your support!

 My BellaBox arrived this past Monday, and due to the extreme heat and
being sick I was not able to put out a vlog at my normal speed. This month
it was rather slow to come in the mail. The titles of my blog and vlog might
seem confusing saying 'September' when this post and mail come in October,
 but that is just how this system seems to work with the beauty boxes like
BellaBox and Lust Have It.



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