28 Nov 2016

Why I Stopped Crossfit

It's been a few months since I have written about my first week of Crossfit.
For many of you the name Crossfit conjures up images of super shredded
men and women doing insane physical tasks in the gym. There are also 
heaps of fail videos all over Youtube depicting people getting seriously
hurt attempting these tasks. That is why I am writing about why I stopped
my Crossfit journey to switch to weight training and boxing. 

At first when I joined this Gym that specialises in Crossfit I knew it would

be difficult, and challenging. I completely trusted that my trainer/coach knew
what he was talking about and instructing us to do. Even though I spoke with
him about me being a beginner and recovering from an ankle injury, he didn't
seem to listen. When I asked about how to do certain things that I knew I 
wasn't doing in the correct form, he would just say 'You'll get there eventually".

I knew if I continued doing some of these exercises without proper direction,
that I would indeed become injured. So I listened to him and tried my best
to keep up without hurting myself. He times our ability to complete our circuit 
training doing various exercises as quickly as we can. So this is the perfect
recipe for injury, and my husband at one point was a personal trainer so I 
am aware of what 'not-to-do'.  

So here is my breaking point

During my timed workout session I would go from Power-cleans, to Burpees,
to Skip rope, Squats, and Hand Stand Push-ups. At the time, I didn't have 
the upper body strength to do a hand stand much less push-ups while 
doing them. I pushed through, and got through most of the work out. 
When I got to my third set of Hand stand push-ups something popped in my 
elbow, and I lost balance and fell on my right arm. My arm was immediately
after that. My coach didn't seem to notice, and his mentality about training
really rubbed me the wrong way.

Hand Stand Push-ups (img crd: www.crossfitinvictus.com)

I didn't have a good vibe from this gym and it didn't seem to be anywhere
near the environment I had been looking for. I felt like my coach was almost
mocking in his comments, and felt awkward being around him. So every time
I went to go back I would break into a nervous sweat on the way there. It didn't

help that the coach had taken my number off of my forms that I had submitted,
to send me messages about training. At the end of the day that just creeped
me out.

I am now training at home or at the gym doing various weightlifting,
training, boxing, and jogging. I feel much stronger and happier 

with what I am focused on right now. My husband has helped by showing
proper forms and movements for exercise routine he has put together. 

This post is dedicated to him for helping me find fitness to be almost
fun again. 

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