18 Jan 2016

REVIEW: L'Oréal Glam Lights #2 Dark Blonde to Light Blonde w/ B&A

Since the last time I tried Loreal Paris's Preference Glam Lights #3
(Light Brown to Dark Blonde), I felt I wanted something a bit lighter.
Something with less coppery tones. 

I know I was breaking major hair colouring rules by not doing a base coat of 
blonde on my roots; as well as trimming off the darker Obre style hair I have 
near the bottom. I wanted to see how I could take my years of colouring my 
hair at home and make this work as best I could.

I apologize for my badly overgrown roots, but the results will blow you 
away. Here you can see the colour differences in different parts of my hair, 
and this would be difficult to go any lighter usually. 

I started applying small amounts to the applicator and gently combing it through from root to where my hair is significantly lighter (10 cm/5 in). I made sure to use my finger to spread the cream until it reached my roots if the applicator failed to distribute the cream. I repeated this process all the way around and in the under part of my hair to cover as much of the darker part of my hair as possible (knowing it will develop slower than the lighter bits). 

Now I started brushing the applicator full of the cream from bottom of where 
my roots end to the bottom end of my hair. I repeat this process until I have enough cream left to put on my glove (about the same amount you would use to apply shampoo to your hair). I use this to cover my roots around my whole head, so my natural hair colour will lighten a colour shades to blend in with 
the rest of my hair.

I spent close to 45 minutes on application, and it was developed enough to wash within 5 minutes of me finishing. I would also like to add that I used a store-bought toner (not as affective as a salon grade one!), and I will continue using a toner until I am am satisfied the tone has no copper tones showing through.Another treatment I put into my hair is AlfaParf Semi Di Lino Illuminating Essential Oil.

After these two treatments and heaps of applying and rinsing here are the final results.

I am pretty happy with the outcome, even more so than I was the first
time I used this product range. I think I will use this product again, and
I hope this helps someone who is thinking of trying Glam Lights out.

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