24 Aug 2017

Review of Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlight Palette

      When I first heard about the this highlighting palette I knew I needed to try it 
       out for myself. The reviews I came across seemed almost too good for such an 
       affordable palette ($15-40 AUD depending on the seller). They are pretty hard to
       find in Australia so I ordered 
it from the UK and waited a little over 2 weeks to
       receive it. 

      The packaging is very nice, and almost reminds me of some Tarte Palettes I've
      come across. The amount of product you get in this palette seems very generous.
      I don't think I'll be using the type of brush provided as I have some decent highlight
      brushes to apply it with, but it is nice to have a brush provided either way. 

With Flash 
Without Flash

      As you can see from the swatches above and swipes with my finger 
      below it is fairly pigmented. Each shade is stunning and unique in its
      own way.
I knew that this little palette had good reviews, but it is incredible
for the price. I've seen Too Faced highlighters with less pigmentation
this amazing little palette. For 1,2 & 4 I swiped three times to get the
above. For 3 It is thicker and more of a cream texture so it took
1-2 swipes to the swatch above. 

      Any doubts about this product have certainly been put to rest as far as
I am concerned. I am still blown away by how amazing these four shades
      look after being thoroughly swatched. I can't argue with the overall quality  
      in this product in any way. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used this
      palette and what your 
experience with it has been like.

10 Aug 2017

My Fav Swatches Coastal Scents 120 Five Palette

As you probably already know from this blog, I like to test products before fully
reviewing them. This palette was no different, and I wanted to give it the time

and respect it deserves by testing out a variety of colours. Coastal Scents put
out quality 
products that are also pretty damn affordable. So here some of my
swatches from the 120 Five Palette.

The formulas vary from Matte shades that need building up. The foiled shades
are pigmented and go on so smoothly. 
Shimmery shades that have a buttery
formula which barely needs to be touched 
for a decent swatch. I did not apply
primer before swatching these shades. Each swatch 
took between 2-3 swipes,
but the matte shades needed to be blended more 
than the foiled and shimmery

Number 3, 14 and 18 are comparable in quality to some of the shades/formulas
I have found in Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette. Yes, that is a big claim and huge

price difference between these two products. You get quite a bit out of this
Coastal Scents Palette. They give you quality eye shadows that can
almost be 
compared to larger premium brands for just 1/4 of the price tag. 
If you want a wide variety of colours to play with without having to commit 
to buying an $80 (AUD) eye shadow palette...I highly recommend this one or

any of Coastal Scents range of products. 

Note: All images above are property of this blog and the owner.
          Please do not 
use without expressed permission.



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