20 Oct 2015

REVIEW: L'Oréal Glam Lights #3 Light Brown to Dark Blonde w/ B&A

This was actually pretty exciting for me to try out. Going 'Bronde'
has become a trend in late 2015, and the ad campaigns are quite

My colour had been looking quite flat lately, and my roots obviously grown out. I wasn't sure which direction to go with my hair until I saw this trend, which doesn't aim to be perfect. I picked the Light Brown to Dark Blonde which was still a bit light compared to my natural colour. 

So application can take Forever
I highly recommend you don't leave globs of this creme in, yet don't rub a huge amount of it in one spot either. Take your index finger and thumb; pinch a good amount between your fingers. Spread your hair out and comb lightly down from root to tip 1-2 times with the brush provided. I did this a bit too slowly throughout the layers of my hair and did not clip it up so the dye would not clump leaving a big bleach spot. 

I put a bit too much on the hair framing my face first, which is not a good 
idea unless you want it to be brighter then the rest of your hair! This 
developer formula is quite strong, so keep a close eye on the time. 

Even for thick hair like mine, I usually 
double the time but this was 
developed a bit more than I would have liked. After rinsing my hair 
I used a generic blonde toner to get the copper colour out of my hair. 
I had to reapply it after, because it didn't develop enough the first time
 (cheap).So after washing, toning, conditioning my hair 2 times. I used 
my Babyliss ionic blow dryer to dry my hair enough to see the results.

Click Image To Enlarge

There were a few spots where it developed faster than others, and 
I actually
don't mind them. My hubby loves my hair, and I am enjoying the change. It took me probably 1 1/2 hours to do this. I have really thick hair and there was more than enough to blend through my hair (maybe a bit too much!). 

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