10 Aug 2018

Review: Tarte Rain Forest By The Sea Palette II

              When I first laid eyes on this pallete I was attracted to the darker colors 
             instantly. Tarte described how this palette's eyeshadows contained built-in 
             primer. The second thing that drew me in was the stunning packaging. It's
             not only stylish, but functional.The mirror with Tarte's logo is large and very
             helpful. Tarte is always generous with their mirror size inside palettes.


My favorite colors are Pearl (Foiled), Sunset (Shimmery), Seaside (Matte), and Breezy (Matte).
The swatches 
above took a minimum of three swipes to be as pigmented as they look. I believe
that this 
is due to the built-in primer that the Rainforest By The Sea collection prides itself on. Having the built-in primer was definitely a selling point for me, but it seems to make it harder to blend once it is applied. The key to using this palette is patience and LOTS of layers in order
for you to get the pigmentation you see above. Please comment 
below if you have used this palette and let me know how it works for you.

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