10 Oct 2017

RCK: Red Carpet Kolour Review

First off, I got this product awhile back and only tried once. I wore it all over the parts
of my body that would be showing for a Halloween event. The product did give me 
an amazing glow and lasted all night long (despite sweating and clothing contact).  
I didn't know you could also use it on your face if done correctly. I've noticed a 
couple reviews that are out there from people who are either sponsored or have a 
PR relationship with the brand itself. When I see reviews like that I think twice
believing their opinion which may be a bit biased. 

So, I grabbed a new brush intent on testing it on my face, something I have seen
in a blog or two from makeup artists recommending this product as a 'must-have'.
My skin is fairly pale and I was concerned that even the 'light' version of this product
would be vastly noticeable after drying. I washed, dried my skin, and applied some 
drug store primer before testing this product. My skin has been VERY dry as we are 
just coming out of a brutal winter here in Australia, therefor I recommend exfoliating
 and cleansing any dry dead skin away before application of this product. RCK Body 
Glow takes up to 5 minutes to dry. With a brush you have to be very careful how
hard you brush it in so that you don't leave lines or streaks (blend away!). 

Small Amount of Product Not Yet Blended In 

After blending product without Primer into my hand
With Flash it has a gorgeous golden undertone
and covers any uneven tones in your skin.

I applied the product to my face and made sure to blend it out as much as 
I possibly could with a foundation brush before it dried. It dries fairly quick,  
and if you ad additional product over the area you have blended some in already  
it will just build up and become darker as you can see on my left cheek above.  
My usually pale skin looked tanned and when the light is on my skin it has a  
almost pale golden shine to it (as pictured below). I am not wearing any blush, 
bronzer or using a contour palette.

The overall results were amazing! My skin looks sun-kissed  and relatively even.The only
two negatives I could find is;  One, that it dries quickly and if not blended out will leave
streaks. Two, you will feel it on your skin throughout the day as it is fairly thick after being
applied. I won't be using it as an everyday product, but it is nice to have if I want to use on
my body to even out skin tone or cover scarring. 

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