16 Jun 2016

DIY Galaxy Highlighter

Last week I was online looking at several DIY's to learn how to make my own highlighter.
There were heaps of rainbow highlighter tutorials, but I saw that very few bloggers/vloggers (two that I found) had actually done a thorough Galaxy Highlighter Tutorial. I decided, based on several different methods, to combine them into this process. Here is my version of a DIY Galaxy Highlighter.

What you will need
  • Rubbing Alcohol/Methylated Spirits 
  • White or very light coloured powder highlighter
  • 4-5 colours (using eye shadows that match the colours you want)
  • Cupcake wrappers
  • Q-tips (one for each colour)
  • Toothpick 
  • 1 empty compact pan

I started by picking a photo of what galaxy I wanted to mimic and choose the colours that stuck out the most. I used a very pigmented white mineral highlighter for to add to each colour (I would recommend 20% highlighter & 80% colour). If you add too much highlighter, the colour will be washed out and not as vibrant. Use a tooth pick to gently scrape the eyeshadow you will use for each colour (you can use more than one eye shadow to create your intended colour). In my case I used some eye shadows that were shimmery to begin with. 

When adding the alcohol (or methylated spirits) slowly add drops into each colour while mixing it with the Q-tip until it becomes a watery paste. Mix well! As you can see below the Light Purple mix had too much Alcohol, and Pale Pink had the perfect amount of alcohol added. 

When finished mixing each colour quickly pick up your colours by order of your 
design and apply them to your empty compact makeup pan. If some of these mixes get dry while you are busy with other colours you can add a few drops of alcohol to get it ready again.

I spent heaps of time doing my design, and it isn't as easy as you would think. 
I used the Q-tip mostly, and a tooth pick for the stars at the end.

At this moment I was in awe of what I had made so far, and so excited 
to see the final product. Don't forget to clean up the edges of whatever 
compact or pan you use.

Using a paper towel fold it in half and use something with a flat even 
surface to press the highlighter into the pan. Do this until most of the 
alcohol is removed and the powder is pressed evenly. Put your highlighter 
into the refrigerator overnight (or 8 hours).

Here it is!

I am very pleased with the results, and now that I have worked
out a few kinks making it easier for the next time I attempt any

However, the colours are amazing, and using a brush I think this would
work for several occasionals. I hope this inspires someone to do their own version of this highlighter; and I'd love to see your final result photos if you 
attempt it as well. 

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