1 Nov 2015

My Halloween Haunted House Adventure

Yes, you have read correctly. There was a decent Haunted House Event in Melbourne this year! When I first heard about this a couple months ago I didn't think it would be so huge. If you read my blog you'll also know how unprepared I was in the upcoming weeks before Halloween. I had just relegated myself to wearing some cheap kitty mask and doing my hair maybe in two buns (for ears), but my S.O. offered to pick up a costume for me next to his work. 

Here are a few pics throughout the night.

Everything I used on my face/body for tonight's look

If you are interested in the specific items I used please ask in the comments section.

 My makeup before I ruin it

 My S.O. before he goes into the Haunted House to scare people (Leatherface)

End of the night, blood on my arms, back and hair. Tipsy and exhausted.
 If you buy this costume, make sure you have a lighter coloured dress or slip
go underneath. It is VERY sheer, and in this case I just happened to have
an old creme coloured forever new 40's Sweet Heart Dress.  

Moving on, the evening came. It was hot, dry, and windy. My hair fell flat, so I gave up after the second attempt to keep reapplying curls. After that, I started vlogging. Here is the result....

Note: May need to turn your volume down for this :)

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