13 Oct 2015

Planning Trip/Victoria's Secret Comparison

I am so into spring, but am sadly in need to update my wardrobe
with some more colour. Before the little road trip on Thursday
I need to pick up a few things from my local plaza :) I plan on
grabbing a new swimsuit, thongs, and some really cute sunny's.
The issue I had last time was my old swimsuits had some malfunctions
like the 'boobs-keep-popping-out-when-the-waves-come' syndrome.
That makes it super hard to not be self conscious while swimming,
and riding the waves. Honestly, I am so excited to head back to
this location, that is near and dear to my heart.

Also, I want to grab a good moisturizer that has a decent amount of

sunblock in it. It would be nice to find one that does cake on when
it isn't spread properly leaving noticeable chunks or caked areas.
I have been working on some casual-light makeup looks for sports
activities (such as hiking, climbing, ect.). For this I will be
cutting out foundation, because I would sweat it off and it will
clog my pores. I will be keeping eye liner, tinted lip gloss,
(most likely) tinted/sunblock moisturizer, and some medium bronzer.

Next, yesterday I received my package from America finally.

I was expecting it last Thursday/Friday, but its quite
difficult to track a package internationally. Once a package
enters Australia the information is transferred to Auspost or
a selected Courier, and I will say that the information was
slow to transfer. I bought all new Victoria's Secret panties,
and took advantage of their Aus shipping discount which I will
link the code and site below. Usually shipping is extremely
expensive 30-40 depending on how much you order after that.
It deters you from wanting to buy one or two items, shipping
will cost almost as much as a regular item. So I can see the draw
of using eBay for finding VS products, but they are heavily
marked up! I will be ordering a bulk order of bra's soon, and
because I've owned these styles in the past I trust their fit.

If you haven't been the the Victoria's Secret in the Emporium

in Melbourne CBD, I would say to think twice. Why? Their prices
are completely inflated. I paid $33 for a 200ml lotion! and $35
for a body spray! In the US they are $12-$15 each. However, they
have the most amazing sunny's at $100 each (wow). Check out the
code and link below if you want discounted shipping too.

Victoria's Secret - Code: AUSSIE10  (expires end of Oct)

Another note: If you life in Australia, feel free to enter my Giveaway HERE.

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