13 Sep 2015

Matte Lipgloss Swatches

I've been going through different beauty bloggers latest hauls to see what
I should avoid/pick in my next trip when I heard about Savvy. They are a 

drugstore brand makeup, that I had not heard of or tried before. I bought
them based on a popular Youtuber's Blog that I adore.

So I decided to combine this with the Matte lip trends going on, and
picked my favorite colours. The choices were limited, given that they
have recently discontinued selling them, and only stores have a limited
supply left in stock. I found they are quite difficult to find online. 

Since I have heaps of bright red lip gloss already curtousy of LHI beauty box
I didn't believe it would be a good idea to get the colour 'Miss Monroe',
so I settled on the following....

I was slightly disappointed by how haggard it made the inside of my lips look. 

Removal shreds your lips, so I recommend before applying you remove any dry
skin from your lips with a warm wash cloth to prevent this HIGHLY pigmented
colour from sticking to any surface giving you a chunky or 'furry' like appearance.

I was pleased at the suggestion the company makes about using two or more colour'
s to create a whole new colour, so I tried this. Mixing the two colour's together started out looking like a huge mess but came to a cute hot pink colour. Based on using this so far I'm still more of a fan of glossy lipglosses :) 

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