19 Sep 2015

Beauty Hacks I Found Out About Recently

1. Bat Wing Eye-Liner Using A Spoon


This is a interesting way to put on your eyeliner,and still one I don't do normally. It's nice to know, for when I will do this type of look.

2. Deoderant Doubles as Bug Bite Remedy

Since I've moved to Australia, I haven't been able 
to find a decent brand of cream to treat these mosquito 
bites. I've read and seen in multiple Blogs & Vlogs, that 
this is an easy remedy to itchy bug bites.

3. Dry Shampoo 

My most recent Bellabox came with a travel size Bastiste Dry Shampoo.  I didn't expect to have to use this, but after running around all day I found my hair feeling a bit gross so before having to run out again I grabbed this and sprayed the hell out of my hair before tousling with my fingers to work the spray in. My hair and scalp felt and more importantly *looked* better. The smell isn't the best, but its a product I feel does a good job.

4. Eyeshadow/Liner Tape Trick


When I got my first Urban Decay palette I tried this out for my eye shadow, and it made clean up a breeze. Make sure you have both put on evenly, or the tape lines will be very crocked.

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