6 Aug 2015

Ut-oh: Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Lucas' Papaw Ointment is not Lip Balm!

Now, lets get something straight. I didn't grow up here in good old Aus, you can usually tell by my accent in my vids. So for years I didn't know which ointment to use to replace neosporin (US) for cuts, scrapes and burns. A few months ago when I had a cut I used this and it seemed to help my lip from getting dry and cracked on the very edge where this cut was. I NEVER used it as a lip balm, and its pretty obvious from reading the packaging. It consists of 96% petroleum gel and 4% papaw; meaning its basically all petroleum gel. Some make up artists and enthusiasts claim that petroleum gel is bad for your lips. I will continue to use it
as per the direction and stick to my normal tinted chap stick. 

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