14 Aug 2015

Latest Beauty Haul

I have seriously felt so spoiled by my partner. He got me the two main items I 
am going over with you in this post (Case & UD Palette). This week has flown by, and I have a few vlogs in the works for next week. So you can check them out at my YouTube channel when it is updated!

So, I have finally decided on a make-up organizer that is big enough to hold all of my make up that had originally been split up in around 5 places. This will make getting ready easier, and it also has a two separate locks on each latch. Great for anyone who has roommates that like to 'borrow' your stuff, or just great for when you're traveling and don't want your case to open accidentally. So far I have not had any issues with the case.

I am really excited about anything Urban Decay and have been for over 6 years. They have to be my favourite brand when it comes to eye-shadows. Their pigmented colours are long-lasting and unique. I started collecting their 'token' sized eye shadows, and went to the larger compact (w/ mirror) eye shadows. The palettes are always something I've aspired to get but talked myself out of many times over because of the price and replicas floating around Aus. My partner saw this and snagged one off of ebay for me, and it is the one I have wanted for so long! The Naked 2 Palette!!! Which is the highest rated of all the naked palettes. It came yesterday, and I've been so excited about using it. BUT I haven't. I may do a vlog about it with different swatches...but that will be decided later.

And lastly, I also received a generous 14-day(14 packets) sample supply of Revitalift by Loreal Paris. You can get this offer by just going HERE and filling out the form. It only took me around 2 weeks to get in the post. 

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