25 Jun 2017

Lululemon Athletica Clothing Haul

I recently got a bunch of new clothes from Lululemon Athletica. Some of
you will probably be unfamiliar with the brand,which in its last year earned
between 2 and 2.4 Billion dollars in revenue worldwide. They have just
recently tapped in to social media advertising and are pushing their brand
more. Hard to believe based on their previous earnings. Especially given
most sales were inspired by word-of-mouth or brand ambassadors in the
fitness community.

The quality of their clothing is amazing, and they have a great policies in
place if your item's quality is not up to par (such as: piling, running seams,
broken zipper, ect). These are a few of the reasons on why I highly
recommend their clothing/sportswear.

The first item I picked up I *believe* is the...

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt.
I wanted something loose fitting
and fresh looking for winter. This shirt is perfect for 
layering with tank tops or
sports bras. It is very sheer as you can see in the close-up.
I love the little lace
pattern on the sides near the sheer portion of the shirt. It adds a 
bit of femininity
to the shirt itself.Thumb holes are handy for keeping your hands warm 
adding functionality.

Lululemon Yogini 5 Year Long Sleeve Striped Tee has to become
my current favourite shirt. It is incredibly soft and stretchy. Another
good shirt for layering underneath as it is fairly sheer, but if you wear
a nude bra you could probably get away with not wearing one. 

Credit: Lululemon.com

Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise (Full Luon) is something one of favourite
pieces from 
Lululemon.  Luon is Lululemon's signature four-way stretch
fabric is sweat-wicking and cottony soft with 
performance fabric for its
serious stretch and recovery. It's so comfortable and quite breathable.

Scuba Hoodie Terry III in Heathered Space Dye has become my new
favourite light zip hoodie. Normally, I don't get heaps of grey clothing, but
this jacket goes with almost any colour. It's very soft as well as light weight.

Goose Down Hooded Vest  (I didn't catch the name on this one)
This is such a unique piece, and best of all it is reversible! The 
outside is a deep green with a scale pattern which is emphasised
by light, while the inside is in black. It hangs loosely on my frame
and is so comfortable to wear with many layers on. 

The sides of this jacket have two buttons on each side that detach, making this a very expensive poncho :)

Large zip pockets on the inside that can hold almost any mobile phone

Love the brand badges that are always put somewhere visibly on the clothing

Even buttons have Lululemon on them



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