11 May 2017

Moving Tips

Everyone does this at least once in their lives, and that is moving house.
It's expensive as well as extremely time consuming. In my life, so far I have
moved a grand total of 18 times. That number may seem staggering 
to most,
and it is. The one benefit of moving this many times is all the little 
tips and
tricks I have picked up through each move. 

Even the smallest things 
can really help you when you are short of time and energy.
Energy that I am just now recouping after our stressful move. Not only did things go
terribly wrong in the middle of this move, but it was storming 
as well. Some of our
things were stolen during the first day. On the second day there was a gas leak
near our new place; causing the roads to be closed to the area. This of course
caused us to stay an extra night at our old house. This was definitely one of the
hardest moves I've ever done. I will lost a few tips below that have helped me get


  1. Always pre-plan what to pack first
  2. Get heaps of boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap 
  3. What items you are not currently using? Pack them first
  4. Hire movers for larger items to minimise chance of injury
  5. When one room is finished move items/boxes to one area
    so you can clean as you go
  6. Schedule Utilities to be turned on at your new house before
    you arrive (up to 2 weeks ahead of the move)
  7.  Write labels legibly for each box with a brief 
  8. description of what is inside
  9. Have a one day buffer to move in case something comes up
  10. Keep a suitcase or gym bag with clothes/items you will need for
    the next 1-3 days while you're moving
  11. Stay positive and don't let the stress of moving get to you

 These are all things I have found to be helpful. I hope this will help
those of you who have not moved before put together a plan on 
where to start. It is so important to stay organised! If you have any
questions or have a story about your move that you would like to share 
please comment below. 

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