3 Feb 2016

What I've Noticed About Beauty Guru's Lately

Now, Before I get into the theme of this post I don't want to offend anyone 

or seem judgey. These are merely my observations and opinions.

I am not opposed to 'some' cosmetic surgery, but it seems this is
happening to women that are younger than ever. I get there may be
something you are not happy with on your body, and some of you
have the 'guts' to do something about it. It's just not really for me,
and having someone you look at as a strong self-image get lip fillers
at the age of 18 seems a bit messed up. I'm fully aware that Kylie
Jenner has had a huge influence on both the illusion of having big
full lips as well as actual lip injections. 

Img crd: http://www.glamour.com

I've noticed so many big name YouTuber Beauty Vloggers between ages
18-25 getting lip injections, 
and making vlogs about their experience. The

crazy part is they don't need it at all. I think it's being treated as casually 
as going to the salon to get your nails done, and I don't think it should be
the norm for women so young. The next thing I wanted to mention is the
getting your eyebrows tattooed. This is another beauty trend that has grown 
to be as normal as getting lip fillers. Why would you want have one style
that is permanent??

Img crd: http://www.clinicalase.com.au

Is this an issue of them lacking confidence? Or does it affect their daily 
lives so much so that they have to have these procedures done to 
make their lives easier in some way? To me, when I think of women
having either procedure done, the age would be 35+. Again, I respect
personal choices and no I am not one of those 'Natural Only' women. 
I would just like to understand the thought process behind these decisions.

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