Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Halloween Costume - Last Minute As Hell

I was all set to just wear a some random mask for this Halloween event that my partner is taking me to Friday night. He is a part of a 'Haunted Warehouse' where he will be chasing people dressed as leather-face  using chain-less 'chain-saw'. 

Honestly, I haven't really dressed up for Halloween since I was 20, and even then it wasn't anything elaborate. So Wednesday night comes, and my partner told me to pick a full costume. I checked out the store he picked up his mask from, which is highly rated, and being last minute there wasn't heaps of choices. I am a pretty common size, so Belle from Beauty and the Beast was sold out, and the Queen of Hearts Deluxe costume was for rent only (which is no good because I am going to have heaps of fake blood probably thrown at me in this event). So my second to last choice was a Greek Goddess/Princess. The gown is quite sheer, and I haven't yet decided if I should just wear underneath that won't be lumpy and obvious.

Yes, it is THAT sheer.

Costume Stock Image, Not me :)

I will be paring this costume with some embellished gladiator sandals, and a gorgeous bejeweled snake wrist cuff. And using basically all of my gold-toned makeup. 

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