12 Sep 2015


Today, after having a double-shot iced coffee, I went by my local plaza in
western Vic which has expanded into a larger one recently. I wanted to try
a few of this year's makeup trends for my next video/blog.

By far the out of every place I went it was far easier to find what I needed
in Priceline Pharmacy, than the other bigger stores you would think would
have more of a selection. Prices were better at PL as well (depending what
you are looking for).The staff were nice, and went out of their way to help
even though it 
very was busy.

The reason for doing this haul is based on the following makeup trends: 

  • Contouring 
  • Highlighting
  • Matte Lip gloss 
  • Bronze (old trend, but new for me)

Unfortunately, because I was in a huge rush to catch up with someone
I accidentally grabbed the wrong colour contouring/highlight palette. Instead of
getting one to suite my fair skin, I grabbed a Dark complexion palette. UGH ,
so I will exchange that back next time I'm at the plaza

Note: I will be working tonight on swatches for the haul
(excluding the ct/hl palette, will be done separately).

 I am not affiliated with Priceline Pharamacy


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